I'm So 80s

Tuesday, April 22, 2014




Style Details:
Skin [PF] Harley <Peach> - Arcade 02
Lipgloss .tsg. Sparkle Lips - Berrykiss  -Cosmetic Fair Spring 2014
Eyes .tsg. Mori Eyes - Hazel -Cosmetic Fair Spring 2014
Lashes Pink Acid My Everyday Prim Alpha Eye Makeup
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant 1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet
Hair TRUTH HAIR Elyse  (New Release)
Hair flowers =Zenith=Chrysanthemum Corolla *** Forest spring concert Mini event ***
Top -D A P P A- Croptop - MindBlown.
Bodysuit [-S-] Toxic Suit - Green
Skirt *Epic* Fairy-Kei Punk TuTu
Socks [-S-] My Drippy Sweetheart Socks
Shoes *Reign.-Bow Wedge Flip Flops- Pomegranate
Necklace MG - Necklace - Loa Happy Skulls
Earrings MG - Bracelets and Earrings -  Loa Happy Skulls (wearing only earrings)
Rings MG - Rings - Duchess Dazzle Jewel
MG - Bangles - Pitch Black Dare
Bag MOON}. Suede Fringe Bag - Midnight Art - RARE

All that lies beneath

Monday, April 21, 2014




Style Details:
Skin Pink Fuel Harley Peach Arcade 02 - Previous Arcade
Eyes [Crash Republic] Melanie Eyes - hazel
DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Lashes Pink Acid My Everyday Prim Alpha Eye Makeup
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant 1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet
Hair +Spellbound+ Morrigan // Fatpack ULTRA RARE
Coat Peqe- Pirate's Jacket_Purple - The Fantasy Collective Event April 2014
Pants !! Silk Worms !! Frilly Fanny Black - The Fantasy Collective Event April 2014
Shoes Violent Seduction - Gyaru Shoes (Red) - Kustom9 April 2014
Pirate Hat *May's  Soul* Pirate collection Pirate Hat Black - The Fantasy Collective Event April 2014
Collar (r)M ~ Posture V-Collar ~ No.05 -
EyePatch Flower eye patch BND  - Marketplace
Nailpolish #adored - drip drop hand manicure - Cosmetic Fair Spring 2014

Ramblings #1

   So I randomly have epic thoughts that I have to write down and decided that between blog posts I'd share them here. you are free to ignore these posts. They are inspired by random things that happen in my life. things I see on television, hell sometimes even the quotes that begin or end episodes of Criminal Minds.  I welcome feed back. Feel free to comment or email me at SLFashionSyndicate@gmail.com. Always ready to read the positive and the negative I can handle it.

    Sometimes you need a reminder that always doing whats right whether you think someone is watching you or not is the only choice.  It's following through on what you say you will do, even if its hard, even if it becomes inconvenient. Its returning the kindness thoughtfulness and consideration someone gives you without having to think about it as a chore when you return it to them. Its making an effort and treasuring the people in your life who are good and sincere and honest and worth having in it. Those are the people who are worth the effort. The smallest of considerate gestures that mean more than the biggest show to those who aren't worth it in the first place. I see the difference.

  I just wrote that I my SL profile. Partly because I recently met someone in SL who, well I had known of but had not really spoken with, but after a few back and forth messages on plurk and then a nice chat in SL was really inspired and renewed. I had thought that people that followed though on what they said they would do was extinct, that offering to do something kind for someone because they genuinely liked something you did and wanted to reward you for the work you did was null. I thought that when I typed the words appeared on my screen but never seemed to show up completely on other peoples screens because its seemed the words I spoke weren't really heard.

And then a very sweet kind sincere thoughtful people popped from the vast inter-webs and brightened my day. She said she would do something and followed though. Not because she wanted something. Not because I asked. It just happened. Like a gift. and then I rambled on and on about life and animals and people and my experiences and she was busy and I understood and we happily parted ways and I smiled because she was so sweet. and then a couple of days later after taking her advice about one of the ramblings, she showed me again in a small way that during the rambling she was listening. Really listening. and this person I hardly had spoken two word to was being the kind of person I wanted to be. She was the kind of person I wanted to surround myself with.

I have close people who I know are like this person. They are the people who can call or text me any time and if they say they need me I'm there any time listening supporting them, cheering them on. I sincerely am happy when they have a victory and really want to help them do better should they fall short and miss the mark on something else. Those precious friends. some I have had for years and some I have only just realized how important they are.

Actions are what speak the loudest when it comes down to it. People can spin stories and say all the pretty things you want to hear. But doing is right and honest and sincerely considerate and thoughtfully putting someone else that you really care about before yourself because that what you do for real friends.  Well that's all that really matters.  SL is a place that makes it more than easy to be shady and deceitful. But its just as easy to see that deceit and myself I watch it happen and don't say a word. Those who choose to do that will just waste more of my time spinning words to make the actions and deceptions ok or give reasons why. Its not.

And when you can choose the Good people to surround yourself with. The sincere, honest, thoughtful, kind, people. why make your SL anything less than beautiful?

French Pastries

Sunday, April 20, 2014




Style Details:
Skin [PF] Harley
Hands / Feet Slink Avatar Enhancement
DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Lipstick [PF] _Light_ Classic Lipstick - Vintage Red
Lashes Pink Acid My Everyday Prim Alpha Eye Makeup
Eyes .ID. City Lights _ Gray
Hair Truth April - Reds
Beret +Half-Deer+ Truffle Beret - White Choco (Heart)
Dress Gawk Black Vintage Blouse Dress - Monochrome Event
Stockings Erratic Ripped Stockings - Black
Shoes Reign Bow Peeps - Black
Necklace MG - Necklace - Angelica's Ankh Of Power
Bangles MG - Bangles - Pitch Black Dare
Ring +Half-Deer+ Whipped Cream Ring
Ring2 ::LEONARD:: Broken Angel Ring -black-
Purse Apple May Designs - Locket Purse - 100 Block April 2014

Everything in its right place

Wednesday, April 16, 2014




Style Details:
Skin  -Glam Affair - Katya - America
Eyes .ID. Tropical Brights - Lemon Sea
Hair +Spellbound+ Forgotten  - New Release!
Slink Elegant Hands
Lashes - Pink Acid
Jacket .tsg. Bunny Bomber - MintxPink - Seasons Story Spring 2014
Top *LpD* - *Liz* Top Pink -Chapter Four April 2014
Skirt *LpD* - *Liz* Skirt Pink -Chapter Four April 2014
Leg Tattoo NEO** Knee tattoo - puri puri - Rainy - Seasons Story Spring 2014
Necklace  YAS - Cute Bunny Necklace Pink
Ballet Feet -Glam Affair - Vanity Feet - Ballerina - Fabric White
Bunny ears +Half-Deer+ Velven Bunny Ears (Sugar Rush) RARE  - Previous Arcade

(Scene shown below was added to for the photo shown and details are for the photo without the model.)


floorplan. outdoor daybed / pink  - Seasons Story Spring 2014 
*ionic* everything in its right place 
*ionic* El placard azul - Wardrobe
*ionic* relax - Carpet
*ionic* divide (white & tree) - (Avalible in old items section of store)
*ionic* Northern star  - Avalible in store 
tarte. starry mirror (colors) - Home Show 2014
tarte. starry mirror (sherberts)  - Home Show 2014 
*ionic* Luces (curtain) - Chapter Four April 2014
*bbqq*-curtains - Fatpack
*ionic* two colors in my head
Picnic antique mirror - white 
*ionic* the landscape & brush! - Avalible in store 
Apple May Designs - Travel Case - Amore - (Gacha avalible in store)
*Tentacio* Mowie pets ballerina - Kustom9
*Tentacio* Mowie pets Kite - Kustom9
*Tentacio* Mowie pets gentleman - Kustom9
*Tentacio* Mowie pets sweet - Kustom9

Sweet Little Devil

Sunday, April 13, 2014
I popped over to Dead Apples to see what was new, along with a new store build the store is also on a new little environment. so inspired I took my blog photos there right after I picked up this months group gifty! I also am starting to share some goodies for the upcoming Spring Cosmetics Fair! its only two weeks from April 15th to the 31st. so make sure you pop over and check it out. By the way the super amazing horns im wearing by Plastik were for FLF, and Plastik has moved but I have the new LM included in the links below. They are in GROWL now so don't let them try to hide from you! <3 If you grab the Plastik horns you'll definitely NEED the Yumyum's frisky succubus tail in spring 1 from the we love RP event. it matches perfectly and is animated and they look like they belong together seriously. LOVE!





Style Deetz:
Skin *League* Skin Erin Medium -Pearl
Hair   Exile  Pick Up Lines Wild Fusion 2 ( New Release! )
Eyes   {Dead Apples} Sorrow Eyes - Lilac - Group Gift
Teeth DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Nailpolish MONS / Spring Collection - Hologram - Cosmetic Fair Spring 2014 - Opening April 15th
Lashes Pink Acid My Everyday Prim Alpha Eye Makeup
Eyebrows [okkbye] Esher Eyebrows - Strawb Blond - Cosmetic Fair Spring 2014 - Opening April 15th
Mesh  Hands Slink elegant ( always the only feet and hands I wear)
Mesh  Booty  L.inc Cute Azz  (always the only booty I wear)
Face tattoo [White~Widow - Face Tattoo] Inde  - Cosmetic Fair Spring 2014 - Opening April 15th
Dress  -tb- Fluffy Dress - Water colors - Collabor88 April 2014
Socks / Shoes  JD- Lucy - Pink - Seasons Story Spring 2014
Horns  :[P]:-FLF- Adasia and Light Horns- Sprinkles Edition
Tail   .{yumyums}. Frisky Succubus Tail {Spring I} We Love RP Event April 2014
Necklace1 *katat0nik* (cupcake) Carousel Necklace
Necklace2 MG - Necklace - Knotted Shimmer Pearls
Bracelets .:A&M:. My Fav Bracelet  - White Pearls

Sweet Train

Saturday, April 12, 2014



Set deetz:

 8f8 - 88 Sweet Life Bakery TRAM *** RARE -{Seasons story spring 2014}
 8f8 - Double Young Sakura PINK & White -{Seasons story spring 2014}
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass02 - ivory
8f8 - 88 Sweet Life Bakery Garden Table -{Seasons story spring 2014}
::{u.f.o}::tea party with alice - balloon pot - Arcade
::{u.f.o}::tea party with alice - balloon cup - Arcade
8f8 - 88 Sweet Life Bakery Strawberry Cake -{Seasons story spring 2014}
 8f8 - 88 Sweet Life Bakery Old Rail -{Seasons story spring 2014}
*ionic* Mu
*ionic* Pleiade
*ionic* conejito  (Avalible in store)
*ionic* conejita  (Avalible in store)
*MishMish* Foodies - Le Cupcake - Arcade
-tb- Pastry Mania - Cupcake stand RARE - Previous Arcade
*MishMish* Foodies - Monsieur Macaroon - Arcade
8f8 - 88 Sweet Life Bakery Happy Cupcakes -{Seasons story spring 2014}
8f8 - 88 Sweet Life Bakery Muffins -{Seasons story spring 2014}
8f8 - 88 Sweet Life Bakery Mochi Bunnies -{Seasons story spring 2014}
::{u.f.o}::tea party with alice - book with clock
::{u.f.o}::tea party with alice - macaron with tea
AF Milky Machine: Strawberry -Cutie Moon Event
AF Milky Machine: Mint -Cutie Moon Event
8f8 - 88 Sweet Life Bakery Bunting -{Seasons story spring 2014}